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What's Amazing About This App?

How to Use the App

Although we have made the Categorizr App simple to use, below are some “How-To-Use” Videos for quick reference.

  • Add Item

  • Add Category

  • Add Location

  • Add Tag

  • Add Item

  • Add Category

  • Add Location

  • Add Tag

See why our customers love us

Individuals and businesses have already uploaded thousands of items with Categorizr

  • Katherine


    “Very simple and intuitive app yet very powerful for documenting my personal assets and protecting my investments. Really like how it calculates the total value of my assets which helped me determine if I had enough insurance coverage.”

  • Nick


    “I love this app! I've been looking a long time for an app that is easy to use for managing everything in my house. It also lets me add an unlimited number of items without upgrading, how refreshing!!”

  • Nina


    “I've been using the Categorizr app to organize my wardrobe and fashion accessories and it works great. It's also easy to sync my inventory between my iPhone and iPad.”

  • Barbara


    “Great app for my small business where I itemize and track my home staging inventory.”

  • RobC

    Rob C.

    “This app is great. I've been able to upload my entire baseball card collection.”

User Guide

Find more detailed information about what you can do with the Categorizr App by using our User Guide

The Categorizr App has been designed to be the most intuitive and easy-to-use inventory application. However in the event you need assistance with any task or feature we have also prepared a comprehensive user guide for this purpose. Some of the topics include:

  • Adding an Item

  • Adding Categories, Locations and Tags

  • Syncing your database across multiple devices

  • Create PDF reports

Please click here to access the user guide.

In the event you have a specific question or issue which you are unable to resolve please feel free to email us at support@categorizr.com

Click Here ForUser Guide

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About us

Know something more better about the application and it’s features..!!

Miluka Ventures Inc. is a technology company and the creator of the Categorizr iOS App.

In 2015, Miluka released the first version of its Categorizr iOS App, a home inventory application for iPhones and iPads that intends to revolutionize the way individuals manage and track their personal belongings.

Miluka’s headquarters are located in Canada.